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Taste of Petaluma Sneak Preview Part 2 – Petaluma Pie Company

Written By: Frances Rivetti - Aug• 23•11

Here’s where I start to get in trouble when it comes to round-town sneak previewing of delicious, locally sourced and hand crafted yummies to be featured in Saturday’s fast approaching Taste of Petaluma.

I do find it hard to resist a slice of pie. Doesn’t matter to me what’s in it, if the pastry’s good and it’s stuffed with fresh, wholesome ingredients, I’m in! Petaluma Pie Company, one of the sweetest little eateries in town, was another hot spot slated for the Taste of Petaluma trail, absolutely not to be missed in pre-tour previews for the very lucky local press corps and blogger’s brigade! Will write for food takes on a whole new meaning at this time of year in Southern Sonoma County’s bountiful surrounds.

Nestled into Helen Putnam Square in the heart of downtown, Petaluma Pie Company serves up lovely, little sweet and savory pies, along with salad, beer (lagunitas!), wine, coffee, tea.. Utilizing organic and locally sourced ingredients to make their delicious pies, owners Lina Hoshino and Angelo Sacerdote, opened doors last Fall.

Alongside Saturday’s ‘taste’ of a whole Cheeseburger Hand Pie or taste of a whole Chocolate Cream Hand Pie, we couldn’t resist the temptation to tuck into a few more of Petaluma Pie’s specialty offerings, including my favorite, Samosa-style Spinach and Feta Hand Pie and a fabulous Italian Sausage and Pepper, Italian-style, (appropriately named by a customer) Paisano Hand Pie.

Hoshino and Sacerdote have worked extensively on their crusts in this first year of being in the pie business, perfecting a sturdy, slightly less flaky crust that holds up to the savory fillings. Served on white ceramic plates, their pies are picture perfect and just as pleasing to eat.

Take out is big business, particularly with the Brits in the area, over the moon with a local resource for meat pasties and freshly baked savory pies. Wondering about the Cheeseburger Hand Pie? According to Hoshino, it took a while for customers to get to grips with the concept of a traditional British ground beef pie, so the creative couple played around a bit with the basic, tasty ingredients and came up with the Cheeseburger connotation. More or less the same as the original, but far more likely to appeal here in Petaluma as a more simple, savory American-themed pie.

Locavore’s take note: all of the pie store’s eggs, meat, most of its dairy and the majority of produce is local. Area farms and quality food suppliers Petaluma Pie Company buys from include:

  • Cowgirl Creamery
  • Clover
  • Giustos Vita-Grain
  • Gleason Ranch
  • Straub Family Farm
  • Split Rail Farm
  • Petaluma Bounty Farm
  • Spring Hill Dairy
  • Straus Family Creamery
  • Sonoma Direct
  • Sonoma County Growers Exchange

The Petaluma Pie Company is located at 125 Petaluma Blvd N. Ste D. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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